Infographic: 8 Ways to Stand Out in a Crowded Market

Need to differentiate your brand in a commoditized industry? Here’s how!

Every business leader likes to think his or her company is one of a kind. Some industries, however, include scores of competitors with only slight differences between products. Take technology, for example. We think of tech as the epitome of innovation, but when is the last time you seriously considered the features of a surge protector or a USB drive? As industries mature, product features become more standardized, putting pressure on prices. This creates a major challenge for marketing.  How do you maintain margins while still attracting new business?  In a crowded field, you may be tempted to highlight a few key features where you offer a moderate advantage. However, to get prospects focused on product differentiation, you first have to grab their attention.

How can you get prospects interested enough to focus on your product and brand? This infographic offers eight ideas for achieving brand differentiation in an industry where products and services are commoditized.

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